It is an exciting time at Annaville Baptist Church. We have been watching as The Lord has been doing great things in our midst. As you well know, He has been growing His church.

Many have come to faith in Jesus Christ and many are growing in their faith.  New ministries have been beginning that reach not only those inside the church but also to those outside the church who are so desperately in need of knowing and understanding the love of Jesus Christ in their lives.  Just in the last two weeks, two new ministries have started (or at least are in embryo form) that I have no explanation for other than the fact that God is working in people’s hearts and lives.  I know that you are giving The Lord glory just as I am, and that you can see His hand at work, just as I do.

Any seasoned Christian knows that whenever and wherever the Lord is working He is also calling His people to faith.  “And without faith it is impossible to please Him. . .” (Hebrews 11:6).  When God called Abraham, He called him to step out in faith.  He called for steps of faith in the lives of Noah, Moses, David, Gideon, Peter, Paul, John and on and on through all of Biblical history.  In fact, God never called anybody to anything without demanding that person or that group of people step out in faith to trust God to do something far bigger than they could do.  Great works of God require great faith by His people.

Our worship center is full, and we have even seen people turn and walk away because they could not find a place to sit.  Our hallways are difficult to maneuver as we move from place to place between Sunday School and services.  We are constantly straining to find places for Sunday School classes to develop and grow.  We need more open area where people can simply fellowship together and experience the love that is such a prominent part of you who make up our church body.  In a nutshell, space is a problem and God forbid that some should walk away without ever hearing, understanding, and believing the Gospel.

Because of this great need, and because God always calls us to faith, we will be launching EMBRACE, a stewardship campaign on Sunday, October 27th, 2019.   We want to encourage you to be sure and be here on October 27th, Commitment Sunday.  You will learn more about the building plans and how we believe that God is leading us to step out and accomplish great things in the Kingdom of God as we go through a series starting Sept 29th – Oct 27th.  We will discuss the importance of seeking God’s face in prayer to be sure that we are dead in the middle of His will and not our own.  We will be asking you to make a three-year faith commitment above and beyond your normal tithe.  Please be in prayer about what God would have you to give, and please be here on that very important Sunday.  I am so thankful to get to be on this God journey with a people that I love so dearly.

Your pastor and friend,

Robert Simmons